Dr. Shorna Allred

Shorna Broussard Allred is an Associate Professor and  Extension Specialist in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Cornell University.  Dr. Allred also serves as the Associate Director of the Human Dimensions Research Unit in the Dept. of Natural Resources.  She received her Ph.D. in Forest Resources from Oregon State University (2001), her M.S. degree in Forest Resources from Penn State University (1997), and her B.S. degree in Environmental Resource Management from Penn State University (1994).  Her research and extension program at Cornell focuses on understanding human attitudes, motivations, and behavior related to resource conservation and management.  The specific objectives of her research are to characterize the current attitudes, knowledge, opinions, and behavior of private landowners and other key stakeholder groups as it relates to natural resource management and natural resource conservation, identify and investigate innovative policy alternatives for natural resource conservation, and translate research findings into accessible outputs to aid landowners, citizens, and others in decision-making related to natural resource management.  Previous work has included a program evaluation of Natural Resource Extension programs, environmental education curriculum development and evaluation with inner-city youth, innovative program design and development to reach underserved audiences, understanding forest landowner attitudes and behavior, and documenting the role of forestry in building community.  Dr. Allred was the Communications and Education Associate Editor for the Journal of Forestry for 3 years (2002-2005) and currently serves as an Associate Editor for Society and Natural Resources.  She is Vice-Chair of the Private Forests Working Group of the Society of American Foresters and served as Chair of the Committee on Forest Policy in 2010. 



Ashley Dayer (PhD Student)
Dissertation Topic:  Human dimensions of bird and habitat conservation in early successional forests

     M.S. Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (2006)
     Colorado State University

     B.A. with High Honors, Environmental Science and Public Policy (2001) Harvard University

Andrew Roe (M.S. Student)
Thesis Topic:  Forestland parcelization patterns, causes, consequences, and current strategies in the Hudson River watershed

     B.S. with Highest Honors, Environmental Science (2006) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Christine Moskell (M.S. Student)
Thesis Topic:  Participatory community engagement model for urban forestry in New York City

     B.A. Environmental Studies (2008)
     Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Margaret Kurth (Post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant)
Topic Area:  Social dimensions of watershed management

     B.S. Natural Resource Management (2010)
     Cornell University