Dr. Allred will be presenting at the American Tree Farm System National Leadership Conference in Englewood, CO Feb. 23-25.  Her presentation is titled “Peer to Peer Woodland Owner Outreach:  What is it and How Can it Strengthen the Tree Farm System?

Christine Moskell applied for and was accepted into the PhD program at Cornell University.  She will complete her M.S. degree in the Fall of 2011.  Congrats Christine!  

Dr.’s Allred and Chatrychan were awarded a $15,500 grant from the Water Resources Institute/Hudson River Estuary Program for the project “Characterization of Attitudes among Hudson River Estuary Municiapl Officials about Climate Change.”

The article “Examining motivations and strategies for engagement in urban forestry” is in the latest issue of the journal Cities and the Environment.”  See the publications page for the URL.